United States Mortality DataBase

USMDB Research Team

The United States Mortality DataBase is the work of a team based in the Department of Demography at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) with technical support from the UCB Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging and from the French National Institute for Demographic Studies in Paris (INED). However, its accomplishment would not have been possible without the experience developed through the team’s participation to the Human Mortality Database project and the collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR).

The project was initially developed by John Wilmoth (Formerly UCB and currently Director of the Population Division at the United Nations). Magali Barbieri, who has a joint position at UCB and at INED, has been the USMDB Director since 2013. Celeste Winant (UCB) has carried out most of the data collection and processing tasks under the supervision of Magali Barbieri; Arnaud Coche (INED) has developed the initial database and web application for the USMDB; and Carl Boe (UCB) has adapted the core computer programs from the HMD to the USMDB data and he has set up and maintains the server hosting the database at UCB. Mila Andreeva contributed to the initial phases of this project. Lisa Yang is the UCB administrative assistant for the project.